BFG Members Discussion on Philanthropy’s Response to COVID-19 — April 8, 2020

We hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe.  By remaining connected and learning from each other during this difficult time, our community can emerge from the COVID-19 crisis even stronger. We invite you to join us for a members-only discussion on conservation and environmental philanthropy’s response to the global pandemic and economic crisis.

You’ll have a chance to hear from fellow funders about the ways in which the pandemic is changing how we work with our grantee-partners (including pooled funds, general operating support, emergency support, and relaxing reporting requirements). Members will share substantive and technical shifts of our foundations given the new risks and opportunities for biodiversity issues brought on by the crisis (such as clean water, emissions reductions, and wildlife trafficking).

We would love for you to come prepared with responses to this critical question: What strategic and tactical changes are underway or in discussion within your organizations in response to COVID-19?