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The Mexico Conservation Funders (MCF)* fosters a funding community committed to the conservation and resilience of ecosystems in Mexico, with a focus on coastal-marine biodiversity and natural systems, recognizing the critical linkages between land and sea and the potential synergies among national and local level initiatives.

Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure coordination and collaboration among foundations with programs supporting coastal-marine conservation work in Mexico, by providing opportunities for information sharing, dialogue, and development of complementary grantmaking strategies.
  • Facilitate conversations and, when appropriate, partnerships with funders working on coastal-marine conservation and areas of influence; as well as, government authorities and civil society organizations to optimize funding in Mexico.
  • Increase the level of funding available for protecting Mexico’s coastal-marine biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Provide funders with key information on broader coastal-marine conservation issues, tools and lessons learned, looking for strategic linkages to Mexico conservation.

Programmatic activities

  • Program-focused funder meetings to strategize on topics of shared interest.
  • Grantmaking analysis to optimize funders contributions and impact.
  • Funder site visits and meetings with key actors in Mexico.
  • Collaborative initiatives, within funders, to tackle challenges and improve conservation grantmaking.
  • Series of regular funder conference calls on Mexico’s grantmaking and conservation issues.
  • Series of webinars to share international and regional best practices and lessons learned.


* Formerly Gulf of California and Mexico Funders
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