The Biodiversity Funders Group (BFG), a national membership association of grantmakers, seeks an experienced person or team to assist us as we launch a multi-year initiative to deepen our commitment and capacity to infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout our organization. More information about BFG can be found at This
initiative will engage the board, staff, and membership in activities that will align us around shared vision and values, such that everyone sees and internalizes the fact that to reach its fullest potential, the environmental and conservation funding community must grapple with the roles that inequity plays in creating or exacerbating the problems that our members are trying to address.

The consultant will help BFG’s staff, primarily, and volunteer leadership (board members and program chairs) develop the skills they need to incorporate equity and justice in our membership programs and in our operations. Working with a small board-staff team, the consultant will:

    • Develop and implement racial equity training for BFG’s staff
    • Provide feedback and guidance on BFG’s initial DEI workplan to the DEI team
    • Coordinate at least one half-day session for BFG’s board-staff

Full description and contact information: