Where funders convene to support the vitality of all life on Earth.

Climate change, species decline, ocean acidification, collapsing ecosystems, and more—we are faced with daunting biodiversity challenges.

Biodiversity Funders Group

The scope and urgency of these issues requires strategies, resources, and collaborations on a scale that matches these threats. Biodiversity Funders Group is where experienced philanthropists from around the globe share ideas, hone their strategies, and find partners and mentors. Engaging with peers with multiple perspectives brings the fullest possible picture into view, allowing grantmakers to leverage one another’s strengths and have greater impact.



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Our Work

Biodiversity Funders Group meeting

Our programs and place-based programs provide resources and forums for funders working to reverse the decline of biodiversity and address the climate crisis.

We facilitate research, knowledge sharing, and peer-led collaboration on philanthropic solutions to today’s biodiversity issues. In these spaces of unity and purpose, we do more than just convene; we inspire and empower.

Biodiversity Funders Group event
Tuesday, October 8 - Thursday, October 10
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Members of the Biodiversity Funders Group work toward a just, healthy, and sustainable future for all life on Earth. Across borders and beyond boundaries, nearly 1,000 philanthropic staff and trustees in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and beyond come to us to share perspectives, expertise, and strategy.

Shawn K. Watts
Shawn K. Watts
Director of Strategic Initiatives, The Christensen Fund
My favorite place in all of philanthropy to learn. BFG is a welcoming and engaging environment, full of colleagues with deep expertise and a willingness to share their time and knowledge. I am grateful for everything BFG does to bring together the community.
Renu Mittal
Renu Mittal
Program Officer, Walton Family Foundation
Since the beginning of my philanthropic career, I’ve been involved with BFG, initially as an observer and later as a member. It has served as an invaluable platform for learning the intricacies of effective grantmaking and philanthropy. Within BFG, I’ve encountered mentors who have guided me along the way. More significantly, it’s a community where I’ve been able to share both challenges and triumphs, learn from the impactful work of others, and expand my perspectives. I honestly attribute my continued engagement in philanthropy to my involvement with BFG, where I've found a sense of belonging and encouragement to continually strive for improvement.
Karen Harris
Karen Harris
Executive Director, Tortuga Charitable Foundation
The Biodiversity Funders Group is an essential resource and “homebase”; it’s where I learn about emerging issues and explore new strategies with an inspiring group of colleagues. The learning trip to Southeast Alaska was transformational in helping us develop our Alaska portfolio.
Sybil Ackerman-Munson
Sybil Ackerman-Munson
Philanthropic Advisor to Lazar Foundation
I need BFG to do my job effectively. It is where I learn about the most important trends to focus my philanthropic efforts. The friends and colleagues I know through BFG are the people I rely on to bounce ideas off of and to partner with to make the world a better place.
Andi Pearl
Andi Pearl
Executive Director, The Volgenau Foundation
BFG’s convenings are educational, fun, and provide great opportunities to engage—and often collaborate—with like-minded funders. I appreciate its bold leadership in this vital space.
Danielle Levoit
Danielle Levoit
Senior Program Officer for the Environment, Doris Duke Foundation
BFG has been an essential venue for strengthening my relationships and partnerships with philanthropic peers and helping shape and advance DDF’s strategies. Programming is grounded in biodiversity and nature conservation while elevating critical intersections like climate change, community wellbeing, and social and racial equity. BFG’s partnership with Native Americans in Philanthropy, in particular, has been important to deepening my learning, relationships, and action on Tribal and Indigenous-led conservation.
Troy Ettel
Troy Ettel
President and Executive Director, Turner Foundation
I can honestly say that I have left every BFG meeting with a contact or an idea that developed into an important funding opportunity for our foundation. The networking provided by BFG is of great importance to us as a foundation that tries to keep overhead low to maximize dollars getting to grantees.
Christy Loper
Christy Loper
Environment Program Director, The Robertson Foundation
BFG members form such a valuable cohort of peers…the best possible combination of smart, collegial, strategic, welcoming, and fun. BFG is a fantastic place to test out new ideas, find co-conspirators, and get out of our silos.
Imani Fairweather Morrison
Program Officer, Oak Foundation
BFG is a very welcoming professional affinity group which is relevant for new and longstanding philanthropic staff. Its value lies in the rich learning engagement, the concrete collaborations and cooperation around important thematic issues often born out of the place-based programs. Overall, it has been a great way to deepen my professional friendships and relationships.
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