Mexico Conservation Funders

The Mexico Conservation Funders (MCF) fosters a funding community committed to the conservation and resilience of ecosystems in Mexico, with a focus on coastal-marine biodiversity and natural systems, recognizing the critical linkages between land and sea, and the potential synergies among national and local-level initiatives. MCF works to ensure coordination and collaboration among foundations with programs supporting coastal-marine conservation work in Mexico, by providing opportunities for information sharing, dialogue, and developing complementary grantmaking strategies. In addition, MCF facilitates conversations and, when appropriate, partnerships with funders working on coastal-marine conservation and areas of influence, along with government authorities and civil society organizations, to optimize funding in Mexico.

The Mexico Conservation Funders group is a great place for funders to better understand the conservation landscape in Mexico, create partnerships for advancing shared goals, and introduce interested funders to upcoming opportunities that will help them advance their objectives.

— Alejandro Castillo López, Oficial de Programa Senior, Alumbra Innovations Foundation