Climate & Energy Funders Group

The Climate and Energy Funders Group (CEFG) is a network of foundations that fund in the field of climate and energy. CEFG participants converge around their commitment to combating the global climate crisis. The only national forum of funders focused exclusively on climate issues, we support, facilitate, expand, and build funding capacity. Through information sharing, dialogue, and debate, our group sustains and expands the field of climate and energy philanthropy to address the profound issues of climate change and build a just, clean energy economy of the future.

As a founding member of CEFG, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund recognizes the urgency for philanthropy to enhance its impact on climate and clean energy through collaboration and knowledge sharing. CEFG continues to be a pragmatic sanctuary for funders that provides a platform to surface new ideas, debate funding strategies, and even get into the weeds when necessary.

— Deborah Burke, Program Officer, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Our Workgroups

CEFG workgroups provide an opportunity for a smaller group of funders to dive more deeply into strategies, geographies, or time-sensitive events. We facilitate regular communication that enables funders to coordinate and collaborate.

  • Democracy and Climate
  • Midwest Climate Funders Network
  • Midwest Agriculture and Climate
  • UNFCCC COP Coordination
  • Northeast Climate and Energy Funders (gather funders every two years)

Upcoming Event

Climate & Energy Funders Group 2024 Midwest Funders Annual Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, August 20 - Thursday, August 22

Cleveland, OH

Steering Committee Members

  • Cliff Chen, Tempest Advisors (co-chair)
  • Deborah Burke, Rockefeller Brothers Fund (co-chair)
  • Ben Passer, McKnight Foundation
  • Diogo Freire, One Earth Fund
  • Jennifer Sokolove, Water Foundation (board liaison)
  • Judy Hatcher, Biodiversity Funders Group
  • Kalila Barnett, Barr Foundation
  • Linh Tran, Rural Democracy Initiative
  • Lydia Avila, Climate and Clean Equity Fund
  • Shereen D’Souza, Skyline Foundation
  • Stephen Love, Cleveland Foundation
  • Susan Frank, U.S. Energy Foundation