Marine Conservation Program

The Marine Conservation Program brings together funders interested in supporting ocean conservation to share strategies and partnership opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their grantmaking. Our members’ interests span a range of ocean-related issues, from global fisheries and climate change to Indigenous rights and local community wellbeing to 30×30 and nature-based solutions.

Through our annual meeting and associated programs, we provide a venue for both new and experienced grantmakers to deepen their understanding of current topics in marine conservation, engage with a range of experts to improve our understanding of emerging issues and policy levers in ocean conservation, and explore new science, tools, and approaches to ocean conservation and grantmaking.

BFGs Marine Conservation Program is a distinctive place for leading ocean funders to learn together, establish strong relationships, and engage in deep, productive, and sustained collaboration that strengthens grantees.

— Sara Lowell, Marine Conservation Program Director, Marisla Foundation

Upcoming Event

Marine Conservation Program 2024 Annual Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, October 8 - Thursday, October 10

Seattle, WA