Who we are

We are a professional association of environmental, conservation, and climate and energy grantmakers who envision a just, healthy, and resilient future for all life on Earth. 

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We believe focused and sustained collaboration allows for deeper engagement and understanding across biodiversity issues. Since our inception in 1987, we have fostered innovation and connection. We build relationships by providing unparalleled opportunities for collective strategizing, where grantmakers can share perspectives, expertise, and passion.

“A distinctive place for leading environmental funders to learn together, establish strong relationships, and engage in deep, productive, and sustained collaboration that strengthens grantees.”




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Our mission is to support and grow a community of biodiversity grantmakers that pursues complementary and collaborative strategies.


Sharing knowledge
Sharing knowledge and strategies
Cultivating partnerships
Cultivating partnerships
Identifying needs
Identifying needs and emerging issues
Creating avenues for leadership

Vision & Equity

BFG’s mission is to support and grow a community of grantmakers that pursues complementary and collaborative strategies in biodiversity and conservation. Our community is vibrant, passionate, and strategic and works each day to advance our collective conservation goals in an effort to create a just, healthy, and sustainable future for all life on Earth.

We recognize that we cannot foster a thriving future without addressing current and historic inequities and racism in the conservation field and in environmental philanthropy. At BFG, we see diversity, racial equity, and inclusion (DEI) as critical to achieving our mission and supporting our members. Furthermore, we believe that advancing racial equity as a part of DEI is not just the right thing to do, but it will also result in a fundamentally more effective and impactful conservation movement with greater benefits to nature and communities. BFG believes equity means that people of all races, ethnicities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, religions, and abilities have what they need to thrive.

How We Work

Shared learning

Creating opportunities for funders to learn together

Connecting and convening

Providing space and connecting funders to collaborate on ongoing and future work

Activating and advancing

Harnessing momentum and collective strengths to make real impact