Programs & Initiatives

We help members connect around shared biodiversity goals. All groups provide avenues for collaboration with the mission to accelerate conservation, slow climate change, and protect biodiversity.

Biodiversity Funders Group meeting

Our Programs

Our flagship programs have distinct missions, objectives, and leadership.
Climate & Energy Funders Group
Climate & Energy Funders Group
Addressing the profound issue of climate change and building a just, global clean energy economy.
Land & Freshwater Conservation
Land & Freshwater Conservation
Protecting biodiversity in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.
Marine Conservation
Marine Conservation
Supporting ocean conservation.


We regularly facilitate cohorts of funders focused on specific place, time-limited, or policy-centered avenues. 

Tribal Conservation Learning Initiative

In partnership with Native Americans in Philanthropy, BFG’s Tribal Conservation Learning Initiative is the go-to hub for funder learning and engagement on Tribal and Indigenous conservation in the US. Through joint programming and learning opportunities, we provide on-ramps to align shared learning, philanthropic investment, and policy change. Together, we work to address gaps in philanthropic engagement with Tribal and Indigenous-led conservation efforts and seek to build collaborative relationships that foster long-term partnerships.

Nature Positive Collaborative

Grounded in the Convention on Biological Diversity’s 2030 Biodiversity Targets and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Nature Positive campaign, BFG’s Nature Positive Collaborative is a cohort of funders working collectively to accelerate progress on biodiversity in the US in ways that are durable and scalable. Initial areas for active collaboration include developing a more creative structure for designing innovative conservation policies and communications campaigns and focusing grantmaking on a limited set of regions that meet specific strategic criteria.

Learning in the Field

These multi-day field trips offer small groups of funders the opportunity to explore landscapes at the nexus of biodiversity, land use, community engagement, and Tribal sovereignty. BFG members hear local perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities for conservation measures and funding.

Global Conservation

Nearly one-third of the members of the Biodiversity Funders Group make grants outside their home countries or are investing in policy changes at the international level. Through this growing initiative, funders hear from guest speakers and have opportunities to learn and strategize together.

The Rights of Nature

Inspired by Indigenous stewards of nature around the world, a growing number of grantmakers are exploring the rights of nature, a powerful framework for transforming the dominant, extractive, human-centric approach to conservation. We support a member-led circle to educate funders about how this is being utilized to preserve species and entire ecosystems.

Emerging Cohorts

In addition to the above initiatives, we facilitate a growing number of cohorts of funders focused on specific places and time-limited or policy-centered issues. Our Climate Resilient Forests, Alaska, Great Plains, and Public Lands Rule cohorts share information and exchange ideas on a regular basis, and work collectively to advance key policies related to conservation, climate resilience, and biodiversity.