CGBD Members at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Todos Santos

Photos by Jon Jensen, Steve Whitney

Biodiversity Funders Group is the premier professional association of foundation executives and trustees who make environmental grants.  Our 77 member foundations focus on protection of the quality and diversity of life, domestically and internationally.  We promote peer-to-peer learning and the sharing of knowledge among our foundation community.

Biodiversity Funders Group is an outcomes-oriented, member-led organization devoted to a search for excellence in grantees, a constant scan of issues and solutions that are just emerging, a promotion of additional resources to be devoted to environmental protection, an holistic view that connects habitat protection with climate and energy policy with human health and environmental justice, and mindful collaboration among foundations resulting in more effective grants.

Biodiversity Funders Group is not a grantmaking organization and does not offer assistance to grantseekers. If you are looking for a grant, we wish you the best in your securing support for your work.