The Climate and Energy Funders Group supports, facilitates, and seeks to expand a network of funders responding to global climate change by supporting a variety of strategies to address the problem. Given the scope, scale, and complexity of the problem, CEFG supports a broad spectrum of funders and remains as responsive to network needs as limited resources allow. In the broadest sense, CEFG creates a space in which funders with different strategic and philosophical approaches can learn about specific aspects and approaches to the problem; exchange views candidly and respectfully; and consult with colleagues and collaborators on philanthropic responses to the problem. CEFG is the only national forum of funders focused exclusively on this issue and believes that philanthropy has a critically important role to play as the impacts of global climate change become more evident. CEFG has the following mission, vision and goals:


Create a vibrant and effective funding community committed to addressing the profound issue of climate change and building a global clean energy economy.


A global transition to a clean energy economy leading to a stable climate that protects human life and global ecosystems.


CEFG seeks to support, facilitate, expand, and build the capacity of climate and energy funders to combat climate change and build a global clean energy economy through three goals. The goals are:

  1. Build knowledge, promote learning, information sharing, and dialogue.
  2. Facilitate funder coordination and collaboration.
  3. Sustain and expand the field of climate and energy philanthropy.

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