Conservation Science Program2017-10-12T11:50:57-07:00

The Conservation Science Program engages Biodiversity Funders Group members and other funders on a broad range of conservation science issues of interest to each of the current Biodiversity Funders Group Programs. These efforts complement the programs of the current Programs and provide a cross-cutting perspective on conservation science that informs the biodiversity grantmaking of all Biodiversity Funders Group members.

In broad outline, this funders group will address the following questions:

  • What types of scientific information are needed to support sound conservation efforts? Where do our grantees get their conservation science?
  • How do we get the best science developed? What is the system of production for sound conservation science?
  • How do we translate conservation science so that it can be best applied? How will we best link science to policy development and implementation?


  • A series of webinars and conference calls on a wide range of conservation science issues, including climate adaptation, ecosystem services, de-extinction, ecosystem-based management, and the application of social sciences in conservation, among others.
  • Other meetings of sub-groups of the entire Program or sub-groups as necessary.


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