The Andes-Amazon region is an expansive territory comprised of an intricate natural and cultural landscape. As the world’s largest intact rainforest, the Amazon houses at least 10% of the planet's total biodiversity and plays a crucial role in maintaining local and global climate stability. Indigenous people still constitute about 9% of the Amazon’s population. Of these 350 different ethnic groups, more than 60 still remain largely isolated. Over the past two decades, the philanthropic sector has helped bring over 170 million hectares of this vital ecosystem under sustainable management and has made significant contributions to the protection of territorial rights of traditional peoples.

The Funders of the Amazon Basin (FAB) is a learning group of private grantmaking foundations united by their shared focus on the Andes-Amazon region. FAB’s mission is working together for a future sustained by vibrant, thriving communities and flourishing ecosystems in the Andean-Amazon Basin. FAB is a thoughtful space of trust where thorny issues can be discussed without attribution, enriched by the diversity of approaches, expertise and strategies of its members. FAB members focus on conservation and sustainable development as well as social inclusion, human rights and dignity, and indigenous peoples’ rights. FAB conversations have sparked collaborative and complementary grantmaking among subsets of FAB members. FAB also offers a space for foundations to strategize about the best way to support shared grantees.

FAB members recognize the complex interplay of ecological, social, cultural and political dynamics that shape this region as they share knowledge and information, and  collaborate to strengthen their outcomes.


  • Collaborating and sharing information, evaluation, lessons learned and strategies.
  • Exploring complementary grantmaking.
  • Monitoring current and emerging threats and opportunities for change in the Andes-Amazon.
  • Learning from each other and from experts through calls, webinars, and meetings.