Funders of the Amazon Basin (FAB)2019-01-14T00:38:33-07:00

The Funders of the Amazon Basin (FAB) is a learning group comprised of private, grantmaking foundations that share strategies and lessons learned in order to become more effective grantmakers in the Andean-Amazon.

Working together for a future sustained by vibrant, thriving communities and flourishing ecosystems in the Andean-Amazon Basin.


  • Share information, evaluation, lessons learned and strategies
  • Explore complementary grantmaking
  • Monitor current and emerging threats and opportunities for change in the Andean-Amazon basin
  • Learn from each other and from experts


  • Convene in-person meetings in which the FAB members can plan a path toward improving coordination among grantmakers in the Andean-Amazon Basin and advancing the mission of working together to protect flourishing ecosystems and vibrant communities in the Basin;
  • Convene a series of working groups, conference calls and webinars aimed at continuing coordination and increasing knowledge and understanding of the issues in the region;
  • Evaluate and implement communications strategies among FAB members and identify emerging opportunities for collaboration in the Andean-Amazon Basin region.
  • Facilitate meetings of Funders and others to advance the causes of the program.

The FAB recognizes the complex interplay of ecological, social, cultural and political dynamics that shape this multi-country biome. FAB members make grants that focus on natural conservation, sustainable development, social inclusion, human dignity, and indigenous people’s rights.