The Biodiversity Funders Group fosters a community of practice among our members who fund outside North America, encourages best practices when funding outside of one’s home country, and connects members to regional and global policies, concerns and campaigns. These efforts enrich the other programs of the Biodiversity Funders Group, provide valuable resources for funders, and extend the reach of environmental conservation.

The Global Conservation Program sponsors webinars, research, and in-person activities on philanthropic issues prioritized by its participants. The program (formerly known as International Connections) nurtured the Environmental Defenders Collaborative before it found a permanent home at the Global Greengrants Fund. The Global Conservation program also supported place-based working groups, such as the Chile Conservation Funders, while they developed their strategies, leadership, and funding. Through the Global Conservation program, Biodiversity Funders Group members have engaged in various international policy forums including the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity.




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