To protect biodiversity in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems by strengthening grantmaking and providing an opportunity for information sharing, dialogue, strategy development and collaboration among funders.


  • Increase the level of funding available to NGOs and campaigns focused on protection of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.


  • Promote collaboration and coordination among foundations with programs devoted to terrestrial and freshwater conservation.
  • Provide opportunities for information sharing, dialogue, and development of complementary grantmaking strategies.


  • An annual meeting of grantmakers interested in US federal conservation policies, including public land policy and management and protection of bedrock federal environmental laws.
  • Webinars and conference calls on terrestrial and freshwater conservation issues.
  • Co-sponsorship of convenings with other grantmaker organizations.

Land and Freshwater Conservation Program Events

  • A series of regularly scheduled webinars and conference calls on terrestrial and freshwater conservation issues, including protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, defense of the federal Endangered Species Act, national forest management, energy development, livestock grazing reform, national park and wilderness protection, western water policy and management, sustainable forestry and certification, regional conservation efforts (including the Southeast U.S.), and community-based conservation, among others.
  • Other meetings of sub-groups of the entire Working Group or sub-groups as necessary


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