Marine Conservation Program2019-01-14T00:38:34-07:00

To save the global oceans and the biodiversity contained therein by strengthening marine conservation grantmaking and providing a vehicle for information sharing, dialogue, strategy development and collaboration among funders.


  • Promote collaboration and cooperation within the marine conservation community
  • Increase collaboration among foundations devoted to addressing the challenge of global marine conservation
  • Increase the level of investment in the field, especially foundation funding
  • Reach out to other foundation networks as well as new funders
  • Identify key entry points and leverage opportunities to advance strategies to address marine conservation


  • Monitor developments on a wide range of marine conservation issues, including (but not limited to) fisheries management reform, establishment of a worldwide network of marine protected areas, reducing the global environmental impacts of mariculture, and promoting a worldwide consumer seafood movement;
  • Educate funders on a wide range of international marine conservation issues, looking for strategic linkages to US domestic issues;
  • Ensure funder coordination and collaboration on long-term strategies to implement the recommendations of the Pew Oceans Commission and the National Oceans Commission;
  • Investigate strategies to improve the effectiveness of public advocacy for the oceans; .


  • Annual early Spring meeting to educate funders on a variety of marine conservation issues and to investigate opportunities for collaboration;
  • a series of  webinars and conference calls on marine conservation issues; and
  • Other meetings of the Program (or sub-groups) to address strategic collaboration opportunities in a timely manner.

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