The Mexico Conservation Funders (MCF), formerly the Gulf of California and Mexico Funders, fosters a funding community committed to the conservation and resilience of ecosystems in Mexico, with a focus on coastal-marine biodiversity and natural systems, recognizing the critical linkages between land and sea, and the potential synergies among national and local level initiatives. After 10 years of working together, in 2019 its members revisited the program’s mission, objectives, and activities in light of emerging challenges in Mexico. The evolution of the program’s name reflects a change in the geographic focus of the group, as some members have broadened their funding strategies beyond the Gulf.


  • Ensure coordination and collaboration among foundations with programs supporting coastal-marine conservation work in Mexico, by providing opportunities for information sharing, dialogue, and developing complementary grantmaking strategies.
  • Facilitate conversations and, when appropriate, partnerships with funders working on coastal-marine conservation and areas of influence; as well as, government authorities and civil society organizations to optimize funding in Mexico.
  • Increase the level of funding available for protecting Mexico’s coastal-marine biodiversity and ecosystems.


  • Provide funders with key information on broader coastal-marine conservation issues, tools and lessons learned, looking for strategic linkages to Mexico conservation.
  • Program-focused funder meetings to strategize on topics of shared interest.
  • Grantmaking analysis to optimize funders contributions and impact.
  • Funder site visits and meetings with key actors in Mexico.
  • Collaborative initiatives, within funders, to tackle challenges and improve conservation grantmaking.
  • Regular funder conference calls on Mexico’s grantmaking and conservation issues.
  • Webinars to share international and regional best practices and lessons learned.


* Formerly Gulf of California and Mexico Funders
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