Meet the 2023 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners

It’s been just over a week since the 2024 Goldman Environmental Prize winners were announced, seven ordinary people who took extraordinary actions to protect their environments and communities.

Chile Conservation Funders Group Meets in Chile

The Chile Conservation Funders Group, a working group of BFG, convened in November for a transformative meeting aimed at advancing environmental initiatives and forging collaborative pathways in Chile’s conservation landscape.

New thinking about economics for a world in polycrisis

Jo Swinson, Director of Partners For A New Economy writes, “Just as many funders mobilized and adapted strategies to respond to Covid-19, or found ways to provide uplifts to grantees facing massive inflation, so philanthropy has to look ahead and prepare for a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. WINGS rightly explores this in its current four-part seminar series ‘Embracing the Unpredictable: How is Philanthropy Navigating Complex Interconnected Crises?’ as part of the Philanthropy Transformation Initiative.”

How Locals Saved ‘the Yosemite of South America’

A decade-long battle between a wealthy industrialist and a band of activists led to a surprising $63 million transaction in Central Chile. This is a landmark transaction that will preserve some of the most ecologically significant territory in South America. One major donor is the Freyja Foundation.

New Report shows how states are leading on conservation

As momentum builds nationally to address the nature and climate crises, state and territorial leaders across the country have stepped up with a variety of measures aimed at conserving lands and waters. Check out this just-released report from the Center for American Progress and National Caucus of Environmental Legislators: State Policy Leadership To Conserve Nature.

2024 Notable Women in Agriculture, Food, and Beverage

Meet 18 women–one of which is Jane Maland Cady, Program director, Global Collaboration for Resilient Food Systems at McKnight Foundation–who are driving innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship in Minnesota companies large and small, while keeping local farmers and makers at the heart of the mission

Small-scale fishers need a seat at the table of coral-reef management

As rights-holders and local stewards, small-scale fishers require a seat at the table of coral-reef management, to co-create solutions for blue foods and flourishing ecosystems.

Our Commitment to Collective Progress

This April 22, let’s consider what each of us can do to fast-track our collective progress toward Earth Day’s goals.

Packard Foundation Commits $480 Million to Ocean Conservation

The David & Lucile Packard Foundation announced their $480M commitment over the next five years to advance Ocean Conservation in core countries (US, Indonesia, China, Chile) on fisheries, habitat conservation, 30×30, and in the nexus of ocean and climate change.

UN names veteran EU official Astrid Schomaker as new biodiversity chief

German’s appointment to head Convention on Biological Diversity follows global failure to meet any targets on protecting ecosystems.